Meet Dr. Keller

Dr. Emily Catherine Keller is a native Hoosier, a board-certified dermatologist and a fellowship-trained laser and cosmetic surgeon. She attended the University of Notre Dame, served as chief resident at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and completed advanced training in her fellowship at SkinCare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. 

Dr. Keller’s involvement in dermatology is more than skin deep. She spends her time authoring peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, speaking about her field at a national level, and serving on committees and boards of her professional organizations.

Whether she is managing psoriasis, combating acne, addressing the signs of aging, or improving the quality of life through scar revision for those who have served our country or been victims of traumatic events, Dr. Keller truly loves what she does.  She strives to make positive, lasting change in the lives of her patients, while continually bettering the field of dermatology, so even those not under her direct care can benefit.

In her free time, Dr. Keller sweats-it-out at hot yoga, travels whenever and wherever she is able, cherishes quality time with her extremely entertaining family (there is never a dull moment), and dotes on her precious shih-poo, Goose.

What Does it Mean to be Fellowship-Trained?

In a nutshell, it means Dr. Keller has received the most advanced training possible in her specialty. 

Dr. Keller’s journey to fellowship began with medical school, which lasted four years after undergrad. After medical school, Dr. Keller completed an internship year, which is the first year in training as a doctor after medical school. This was followed by another three years of specialty training in dermatology, known as residency training. Dr. Keller served as a chief-resident, meaning she was elected to be the voice and leader of the other residents in her training program.

Many physicians go into practice after residency, but Dr. Keller continued her training, completing a fellowship —  a year-long intensive program in a sub-specialty of dermatology, hers being laser and cosmetic surgery. During this year, Dr. Keller was afforded an opportunity that the vast amount of dermatologists will never have, which is day-in and day-out cosmetic training under the guidance of the most well-respected and accomplished cosmetic dermatologists in the field.