What is the CO2RE®?

CO2RE® is a state-of-the art carbon dioxide laser that uses energy to create small wounds in the skin in order to promote collagen production and remodeling. 

In traditional CO2 treatments, the laser removes entire skin layers, requiring significant healing times and incurring many risks.  The CO2RE® is a “fractionated” laser, which means it leaves some areas of intact, healthy skin in place,  decreasing the healing time and risks. Imagine aerating your lawn — the holes are the treatment area of the laser and the untreated grass is the normal skin remaining. For pre- and post-operation instructions follow the link below:


When is CO2RE® used?

The CO2RE® is extremely versatile, treating scars, wrinkles, age spots, uneven tone and texture, sun damage and precancerous lesions. The treatment will provide you with skin that looks rejuvenated, smoother and healthier overall. 


Does it hurt?

Without proper precautions, the laser would be uncomfortable — so we always prepare! After taking oral medication, you will have topical numbing in place for an hour prior to the procedure. Anesthetic will then be injected under the skin, and eye shields will be inserted. During the treatment, we use cold air to assist with pain control. 


Is there downtime?

Yes. Most patients can go back to work after 7-10 days. During this time, you will have strict instructions to follow for wound care and avoidance of the sun.


Are there any restrictions?

Yes. You will need to avoid sun prior to the procedure and during the entire healing process. Additionally, the laser cannot be used on all skin types. 


How many treatments are necessary?

One to two treatments are usually sufficient to achieve the desired results. Should you desire less downtime, we may need to perform multiple, less aggressive treatments.


What are the risks or side effects?

You will have redness, swelling and peeling of the skin. Risks include pigment changes (lighter or darker skin), scarring, infection, reactivation of herpes, acne flares, persistent redness and lines of demarcation. We will discuss the treatment, risks and side effects in detail during your visit.

Vbeam® is a vascular laser that uses a short pulse of light to treat blood vessels, causing them to diminish in size or completely disappear.